About Us

The first question we're often asked is..."So, why Nappy Bags?"

Our journey started when my partner and I were getting the grand-tour of a friend's newly decorated baby room. It was their first child, so she was experiencing the typical mix of excitement, exhaustion and "hurry up and just get out of my belly already" kind of emotions.

Out of curiosity, I reached over and picked up her nappy bag and she was quick to react with how "daggy" it was, and how she didn't have time to find a stylish looking bag to carry her rapidly increasing number of baby items. It seemed like another thing to add to the "I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here" list.

Having run one of Australia's biggest online parenting networks I knew that a lot of parents felt the same, often due to a mix of being time poor, elevated stress levels and occasional bout of baby brain. Additionally, those buying a gift for mum or dad were faced with similar challenges. 

So after numerous phone calls and hours (and more hours...) of research my partner and I were amazed at how many beautiful, practical and stylish nappy bag brands were available for Australian parents (yet scattered far and wide across the corners of the web)

We realised that there needs to be a better way, so we started working on the birth of our own website to make it happen. What began as a side project quickly evolved into a national marketplace, and in just 6 months we had partnered with Australia's best available nappy bag brands, launching online to thousands of visitors each month. Our new baby, NappyBags.com was born.

We decided from the beginning to raise NappyBags.com by three core values:

  • Providing practical, high quality nappy bags and accessories that don't compromise on style and beautiful design
  • Only partnering with the best nappy bag brands available to Australian parents both nationally and from around the world. 
  • Our "HappyBag" guarantee (love your nappy bag or return it within 30 days for a full refund)

We back every brand and accessory available on our store, and we know whether you're purchasing a nappy bag for someone or for yourself, you'll be happy with a nappy bag from NappyBags.com.

Chris and Cassie,
Founders, NappyBags.com.

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