Australia's Most Awesome Parenting Influencers 2018

Australia's Most Awesome Parenting Influencers 2018

by Alexis Anne Guerrero

Being a parent is tough on its own, what with the sleepless nights and the mountain of stuff you’d have to do to take care of your kids. That’s why you’ll need all the help you can get.

Searching for tips, advice, and parenting inspiration is easy nowadays. Especially now that bloggers and influencers are more common. You can now share parenting experiences and learn new tricks by following certain people via their blogs and social media channels.

But with a lot of people available out there, who should you check out first? Below are 51 of the most awesome parenting influencers in Australia today.

These cool mums and dads are some of the best role models for people who want to follow their own dreams, manage their own businesses, and still make the time to be a huge part of their children's everyday lives. That's why, for us, they're a Nappy Bags Award Winner!

Nappy Bags Award Winner 2018

So, without further ado, let's meet these outstanding parents!

British Dad in Melbourne (Simon White)


Simon is a daddy blogger who lives in Melbourne with his wife, Tasha, and their two adorable little tots, Oscar and Henry. He is from a British and New Zealander descent, and he loves to take photographs.

Simon blogs about his experiences regarding fatherhood, his thoughts about parenting in general, and the various other causes he advocates for.

Why he made the list: You don’t only get parenting tips but also other learnings from following this guy.

Check out Simon’s Website, Instagram, LinkedIn

Contact Simon at


House of White (Olivia White)


Olivia White is definitely a mummy to follow. She’s a fierce advocate of women’s empowerment and body positivity alongside her devotion to giving back to the social community who helped her through her early days as a mum.

Olivia is mummy to Bella and Teddy and wife to Jeremy. She is also a PANDA & COPE.Org ambassador as well as a co-host in the pilot season of Mummy Time.

Why she made the list: Olivia knows the struggles of early parenthood, and she did what you’re doing right now. She started searching for mummies who can help her through her journey, and now that she’s doing better, she’s giving back. Simply put, she really knows what you’re going through!

Check out Olivia’s Website, Instagram, & Facebook

Contact Olivia at


Tara Alexander


 Tara is a mummy blogger from Melbourne that shares her experiences with her kids and her family life, in general. She is also an avid fan of fashion and beauty so you can get many lifestyle inspirations from her blog and Instagram.

Tara is mum to Poppy and Theodore and is a wife to Ben.

Why she made the list: Tara knows that becoming a parent changes you. It's not just about how you look, but also your priorities, your conversations; mostly, your way of living. Showing new parents that those changes are welcome and okay will ease many of our worries. Plus, she puts stunning photos!

Check out Tara’s Website & Instagram

Contact Tara at


School Mum


This is a blog about the actual experiences and stories of actual parents with regards to raising children and keeping their development both fulfilling and fun.

Why they made the list: Being part of a community is sometimes better than being alone. You get a more holistic outlook on parenting and life, in general. School Mum is one such community that features both mums and dads and allows them to share their real-life stories with you.


Check out School Mum’s Website, Instagram, & Facebook

Go to School Mum’s Contact Page to email them.


Stay at Home Mum (Jody Allen)


When Jody got pregnant back in 2011, she had to use her maternity leave. She and her family, for the first time, had to live with only one income and it terrified her. She had to rethink a lot of their previous lifestyle habits to make their new budget work, and she took it as a challenge

Stay at Home Mum is Jody's brainchild which aims to be the ultimate guide for parents who want to live simply.

Why she made the list: Living on one income is a terrifying thought if you’ve never had to do it before (especially with a kid on the way). Stay at Home Mum helps you prepare for that and plan for that better.


Check out Jody’s Website and Facebook

Contact Jody at


The Young Mummy (Sophie Cachia)


Sophie is mummy to Bobby and Florence. Both of her pregnancies were undergone with some difficulty due to her PCOS (she was diagnosed when she was 17!). But now this happy mum is an author as well as a businesswoman who sells her own line of sleepwear.

She also loves posting her experiences and day to day lives with her two sweethearts.

Why she made the list: PCOS is a condition that's occurring more and more common nowadays. It's become pretty relevant, especially for women who want to have babies. Seeing Sophie happy with her healthy and beautiful children can be an inspiration!


Check out Sophie’s Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube

For enquiries, send a message to


Blog of Dad: The Australian Dad Blog (James Smith)


 James Smith isn't the real name of this real-life daddy-o from Sydney. But his experiences with his daughter Hannah and wife Emma (also pseudonyms) are as real as they can get. He's a working dad who has a great interest in parenting, especially fatherhood.

His general plan is to create a diary for his daughter to read when she’s older. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get advice from his own experiences.

Why he made the list: Not a lot of bloggers write their blogs for more personal reasons. James' idea of a diary is both uncommon and heartfelt. Plus, his readers can also garner new tips and tricks from his posts. So, not only is he fulfilling his personal goal but James is also helping new parents along the way.


Check out James’ Website, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook

Go to Blog of Dad’s Contact Page to email him.


Bec and George Douros


Bec and George an apt definition of a power couple. This duo is well-known for their renovation and building business. After all, Bec is an interior designer, and George is a builder (a match made in heaven!).

But they’re also loving parents to their little boys, Archie and Lenny. Aside from posting beautiful pictures of model homes, their social media also boasts of their heartwarming experiences with their sons.

Why they made the list: Success and managing a business doesn't mean you can't spend quality time with your children. Bec and George are living proof of that. They're both working, but they still manage to make time for their kids. Going over to their social media account is good for inspiration and motivation!


Check out their Nectaar Website, Instagram, & Facebook

For enquiries, send a message to


Jules Sebastian


Jules is a successful television presenter, stylist, and makeup artist. She also works as a creative consultant for fashion brands and an ambassador to World Vision and Red Cross. She and her husband, Guy, formed The Sebastian Foundation which helps make the lives of the less fortunate permanently better.

Jules and Guy are parents to their wonderful sons, Hudson and Archer. While Jules is an authority in all things fashion and beauty, she also loves sharing advice when it comes to being a mother. Jules helps by reviewing products, apps, and the like that you might want to try out. She also gives expert advice on how to dress your kids.

Why she made the list: Not everything about parenting is supposed to be heartwarming and educational. Sometimes reading about possible baby products you want to get or learning more about kid fashion is as necessary as well.


Check out Jules’ Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter

Go to Jules’ Contact Page to email her.


Oh So Busy Mum (Cheree Lawrence)


Cheree is a mummy blogger from Brisbane, and she loves to share her stories about motherhood, travelling, and eating good food. Her extensive recipe collection in the blog gives parents the chance to keep the menu at home exciting for both themselves and their kids.

Cheree is mum to four beautiful daughters. She is a self-proclaimed Disney addict and enjoys the simple things’ in life.

Why she made the list: For her Instagram feed alone! Her beautiful feed is easy on the eyes, and the breathtaking pictures of her children are something to be envious of.


Check out Cheree’ Website, Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest

Contact Cheree at


The 40 Year Old Dad (Justin Bechtold)


Justin and his wife tried having kids from 10 years to no avail. They've undergone IVF numerous times and even gone other routes just to have kids, but nothing seemed to work. Until he turned 40 and was blessed with two little ones of their own.

Now, Justin spends his days as a devoted HomeDad to his kids as well as a writer and comedian. His sense of humour can be seen throughout the parenting tales he posts on his blog.

Why he made the list: Justin is an inspiration to couples who have been wanting kids for a long time, to parents who had kids later on in their years, and to all HomeDads around the world. He's part of minority groups and seeing him flourishing (and sometimes floundering) can be good motivation for a lot of people.


Check out Justin’s Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter

Go to Justin’s Contact Page to email him.


Wyld Family Travel (Bec & Mark Wyld)


Bec and Mark live in East Gippsland together with their two lovely daughters, Willow and Marley. Both parents are avid travelers, and they passed it on to their kids. 

Since they're very experienced in travelling to different destinations with kids in tow, Bec and Mark decided to share their experiences with other parents. You can find handy tips and tricks to use while travelling with kids.

Why they made the list: Traveling is something many people want to do nowadays. Some parents are a bit iffy about it on account of having to bring their kids along. They Wyld family shows that it’s very do-able as long as you’re willing to try!


Check out the Wyld family’s Website, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter

Contact Mark at


Jet Set Mama (Claire Alexander-Johnston)


Claire is a Byron-based mummy to three wonderful kids: Atlas, Sochi, and Zephyr and wife to Rich. She’s a very active Instagram blogger and her hilariously honest quips about motherhood as ensnared the hearts of many mummies (and future mummies!) around the world.

She's a known traveller and a free spirit by nature, something that she seems to have passed down to her kids. But even after settling down in Australia, Claire and her family still make it look like an adventure.

Why she made the list: It's undeniable that Claire loves doing her thing. Her passion for Instagramming and parenting shines through all her posts and can be felt by all her followers. It's not hard to genuinely like her and her feed.


Check out Claire’s Instagram, & Pinterest


The Organised Housewife (Kat Springer)


Kat started the Organised Housewife blog back in August 2010 as a way to share her recipes and ideas with other mummies around the world. She knows that having kids (especially twins) can be really hard and messy, so she advocates for creating routines and gives tips on how to reduce clutter.

Kat is a mum to three kids, all in their early teens.

Why she made the list: Kat's been a parent for quite a long time now, and she knows her mummy stuff. Plus, having new recommendations on how to keep your house clean and how to make your everyday routine as productive as possible is a trick every new parent should know.


Check out Kat’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & YouTube

Go to Kat’s Contact Page to email her.


Work.Life.Mama (Ina Odak)


Ina is a strong and devoted mummy to Luka. She created Work.Life.Mama for all those mummies out there who want to balance their career with motherhood. She is the founder of Sneakers + Soul, a top online style blog.

She is also a powerhouse when it comes to brand strategy, social media content, as well as content creation. That’s because she has 12 years of corporate experience to back her success up before she left her job and pursued her dreams.

Why she made the list: Leaving your job can be terrifying, more so if you’re already a parent. Ina provides like-minded parents with a community that collaborates and helps each other through the worst and best of becoming a working parent (especially a self-employed one).


Check out Ina’s Website, Instagram, & Pinterest

Contact Ina at


Miss Kyree Loves – Lifestyle Mama Blog (Kyree Harvey)


Kyree is a Perth-based mummy to darling little Alaska. She fulfilled the dream of marrying her high school sweetheart and does blogging as a journal of sorts. She loves styling and showing off amazing interiors.

Kyree also does stunning photographs as well as honest reviews on the fashion and baby products she has collected over the years.

Why she made the list: Kyree’s writing voice is sweet and a joy to read. She also provides beautifully shot photos and knows her way around fashion and styling.


Check out Kyree’s Website, Instagram, & Facebook 

Contact Kyree at


Captain and the Gypsy Kid (Sheree Commerford)


Sheree is the founder and director of Captain and the Gypsy Kid. CATGK is a creative agency and lifestyle blog that helps build brands and create content. Sheree has worked as a stylist, designer, and fashion consultant throughout the years.

Because of her career, she has met with many like-minded and creative people who have allowed her to show the world about the unique and beautiful life experiences she has with her partner and kids.

Why she made the list: There’s nothing wrong with mixing business with personal experience if you do it right! And Sheree balances both perfectly. She uses her skills and her partner’s skills to help their clients build their brands as well as create wonderful family stories that she and the rest of the world can enjoy.


Check out Sheree’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest 

Contact Sheree at


Reservoir Dad (Clint Greagan)


Clint is more commonly known as the ‘Reservoir Dad', and he's a stay-at-home dad to four rambunctious little boys. His irreverent style of writing is laugh out loud and cringe-worthy at times. Clint chronicles real-life situations that most parents can relate to.

And he does it honestly and with no shame. He shows that being a stay-at-home dad is manly in its own right and he keeps everything as real as it gets.

Why he made the list: Aside from getting a book about parenting published, Clint is unashamed of being the one who stays at home taking care of the kids. Sure, it's unconventional, but he raises the flags for all stay-at-home dads in the world. He also shows that being the homemaker is still a manly thing to do!


Check out Clint’s Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter


Ever the Daring (Leila Stead)


Leila's story is uniquely heartbreaking yet relatable to all the women who were left pregnant and had to raise their kids alone. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, Leila uses her parenting story to inspire women and show them the power of motherhood.

Leila proves that the journey can be tough, but if you're daring enough, it can be done beautifully.

Why she made the list: There are many definitions for being a strong woman. Going through parenting alone but succeeding beautifully is definitely Leila’s own take on it.


Check out Leila’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest 

Contact Leila at


Live It. Do It. (Cassandra Michelin)


Cassandra is a stay-at-home mum to her daughter Pia and is a fierce advocate for healthy living. Live it, Do it is her brainchild and is her way of ensuring that her baby eats healthier and lives healthier than what the current media advertises.

Her informative blog allows parents another option on how to raise their kids and show them that there’s another diet alternative that can prove beneficial for them and their kids in the long run.

Why she made the list: Eating healthy can be found on many websites, but having the word of a real-life mum ensures you that the recipes are safe for your kids. Cassandra does her research and recipes for her own family, after all.


Check out Cassandra’s Website, Instagram, & Facebook

Go to Cassandra’s Contact Page to email her.


Fat Mum Slim (Chantelle Ellem)


Chantelle is a mum living with her family on the North Coast of New South Wales. She was a Social Media Editor for Kidspot for a few years and is now a freelancer who juggles her time between parenting and online work.

Fat Mum Slim was her personal weight loss blog back in 2008 and has since expanded. She writes about travelling and, you guessed it, recipes that can help keep you and your family active and healthy.

Why she made the list: For all intents and purposes, Chantelle lives a life similar to many mums of today (except for the fact that she's a well-known blogger). Having a freelancer-slash-mother to look up to and follow can be both relatable and motivational to many.


Check out Chantelle’s Website, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook

Contact Chantelle at


Mad Max Mum (Lauren Patterson)


Lauren is a compassionate and loving mummy to her two beautiful children, Madi and Max. She is now a dedicated single mom to both and an inspiration to many women across the world.


Why she made the list: Suffering from a mental illness is a hard thing, but Lauren shows everyone that it's not the end of the world. Even when she was harshly knocked down by life, she was able to stand back up because of the support she got from others. Now, she's made it her goal to do the same for more people, and that's highly commendable!


Check out Lauren Kate’s Website, Instagram, & Facebook

Contact Lauren Kate at (Brett Hooker)


Brett is popularly known as in Instagram. He’s a proud daddy to Lailah, Zaylee, and the other one inside mummy’s tummy. Brett’s Instagram feed is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and shows how much he loves his growing family.

Why he made the list: Not everything needs a fancy reason. Brett’s Instagram feed is a dream. It showcases his everyday life with his girls in cute and heartwarming photos.


Check out Brett’s Instagram


Brittany Noonan


Britanny isn’t just a mum. She’s a busy business owner. She’s a wife. She’s a friend. She loves wine and exercising. She is herself. Britanny wants women to realise that being a mother doesn't stop you from being any of the other things you want to be.

Her blog is a ‘safe space’ where all women can learn how to balance their dreams and responsibilities. She also advocates for an active lifestyle that can help strengthen the connection between someone’s physical and mental health.

Why she made the list: What Britanny says is true. Being a mum is just one part of a woman’s identity and not everything she is. Creating a balance to ensure that you can love the life you’re living is as important as ensuring that your child grows up well.


Check out Brittany’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, & Snapchat

Go to Brittany’s Contact Page to email her.


Hipster Mum (Jade Warne)


If there’s anything more ironic than hipster being mainstream nowadays, tell us. Jade created her blog to provide mums (and dads) around the world a refreshingly new take on parenthood. Sure, it’s still the same hard puzzle most don’t get but shed in a new, kaleidoscopic light.

Jade showcases her creativity and wittiness by telling stories and capturing stills about parenting through the eyes of children. It's hilarious, sweet, and still educating.

Why she made the list: A fresh take on parenting is always welcome! People always tell you that it's life-changing and most people romanticise being a mum or dad. Seeing the whole experience in a fun and humorous way is refreshing.


Check out Jade’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

Contact Jade at or


Tot: Hot or Not (Joyce Watts)


Joyce lives in Melbourne with her loving husband and two children. She’s a first generation Chinese Immigrant raising a pair of bilingual tots. She was a former lawyer who now owns a bike business, and the founder of the blog Tot: Hot or Not.

Her vision is to give parents a portal to ideas that children can do and go to. Activities and events around Melbourne are carefully reviewed and critiqued by Joyce to give other parents the inside scoop on whether they’re worth doing or not.

Why she made the list: Review posts are heaven sent! Now you wouldn’t need to try every single thing out there to find which ones are worth going to. Joyce already does that for you. All you and your kids need to do is go out and enjoy!


Check out Joyce’s Website, & Facebook

Go to Joyce’s Contact Page to email her.




Kidspot has been providing Australian parents with relevant parenting information for more than a decade. You can get all the tips, tricks, hacks, and whatever else parenting/kid-wise you need from this authority site.

Kidspot is a well-trusted source that helps parents from the very first day of pregnancy to the dreaded teen years.

Why they made the list: Many bloggers today started out as subscribers of Kidspot, so you know that THEY know what they're doing.


Check out Kidspot’s Website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & Pinterest

Contact Kidspot at


Not So Mumsy (Marcia Leone)


Marcia is a Sydney-based mummy to Poppy Valentine and Archie. She is a Marketing & Events Manager as well as a former lifestyle journalist. Not So Mumsy is Marcia’s way of helping out fashion-savvy and busy working mothers in balancing motherhood, work, and life.

Marcia knows that the modern mama is someone who wants to stay looking put together, go out travelling, have a successful career, and still be the mummy to their kids. That's why she posts fashion finds, review and personal posts about her journey through motherhood.

Why she made the list: Marcia has already learned how to juggle work and parenting successfully. Her youth and understanding of how young mothers want to become in this fast-paced world allow her to be a beacon of inspiration for many women.


Check out Marcia’s Website, Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram

Contact Marcia at


Big Family Little Income (Bruce Devereaux)


Bruce is a fifty-year-old Stay at Home dad to seven children and a loving husband to his wife, Tracey. His eldest child is now 26 and his youngest 6. Bruce has held many jobs throughout the years and is currently working as a part-time blogger intent on sharing as much knowledge and laughter as he can.

His writing voice is refreshingly witty and a little self-deprecating. He loves sharing stories about what his kids get up to. He also puts his two cents on parenting ideas and even shares his recipes for all to see.

Why he made the list: Bruce is funny and a treat to read about. His kids and family life, in general, is hilarious.


Check out Bruce’s Website, & Instagram

Contact Bruce at


HelloFranki (Franki Mcafferty)


Franki is a loving wife to Matt and a devoted mummy to August and Rose. She has an amazing Instagram account showcasing her daily life as a mother.

Her beautiful photos are both beautifully stylized as well as heartwarming.

Why she made the list: Aesthetically. Pleasing. The photos of her children and herself are well thought out and creative without being overly ‘out there.’


Check out Franki’s Instagram

Contact Franki at


Karena Valentina (Karena Thomson)


She is the lovely mummy of Jack and Daisy and the beautiful wife of Ricky. She's currently a masters student, and she has an amazing Instagram feed which features her family and what they get up to now and then.

Her Instagram feed is filled with thematically coloured photos that are still down to earth and heartwarming.

Why she made the list: Having a beautiful Instagram doesn’t mean you always have to think about what you’re posting. Karena’s feed still feels very ordinary but looks well put together.


Check out Karena’s Instagram

Contact Karena at


My Child Magazine


My Child is another authority figure when it comes to helping parents cope with the challenges of parenting. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seventh-time one, there are many things you can learn, unlearn, and relearn with the help of this magazine.

My Child aspires to help every parent from the first stage of pregnancy up to the early stages of childhood.

Why they made the list: Having expert opinion regarding your children is always welcome. Plus, a well-laid out magazine is easy to read and absorb.


Check out My Child’s Website, Facebook, & Twitter

Go to My Child’s Contact Page to email them.


Samantha Monaghan (@elizaandisabella)


Samantha loves being a mummy to her two beautiful daughters. Her blog, Everyday Mumma, is a testimony to her desire to be the best mum she can be to her kids. It also helps other mums by showing them the latest in family travelling and many more.

She is also well-known for her knowledge in kids fashion, events, and kids parties.

Why she made the list: Samantha loves to feature her children in every photo she posts. You can feel the over brimming love she has for them, and her pride in everything that they do. It’s sweet and satisfying.


Check out Samantha’s Website & Instagram

Contact Samantha at


Franki Loves Zara (Franki Mazzeo)


Franki is a devoted mother to Zara. Her Instagram feed is like a photo journal of sorts mostly featuring Zara or the both of them. They are both absolute fashion icons, and their pictures are always well-taken.

Franki’s page highlights the sweet innocence that Zara has and shows a lot of the shenanigans she does during a shoot.

Why she made the list: Zara. Is. Adorable. Plus, matching outfits look really nice.


Check out Franki Mazzeo’s Instagram

Contact Franki Mazzeo at


Happiness is Here


Sara is a mum to 4 amazing little girls, and she has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. But she let go of her dream of becoming a Psychologist when she decided to pursue a new one. Happiness is Here is Sara’s blog about unschooling.

She advocates for home education and wants to show more and more people that it is a good and effective track to pursue. Sara aspires to remove the myths and stigma surrounding homeschooling and to provide a freer upbringing for her girls.

Why she made the list: Unschooling is becoming a more popular choice as of late, but most people still think poorly of it. Sara’s idea of showing what actually happens with her children’s unschooling can help dispel some of the bad rep.


Check out Sara’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram

Go to Sara’s Contact Page to email her.


MillieMummyMelbourne (Natalie Esler)


Nat is the loving wife of Glen and mother of his children, Millie Jo-Anne and Finn Thomas. The family of four lives in Melbourne. Nat was a news editor and journalist for 12 years before she decided to focus on writing for parenting websites.

Her blog is focused on helping her followers discover what the latest in parenting is and if it’s worth trying out. She also wants to make parenting tips and advice more accessible to new parents.

Why she made the list: Nat knows how to write being a journalist for more than a decade. She certainly has the skills to give parenting tips as well, since she’s a mum to two kids.


Check out Nat’s Website, Facebook, & Instagram

Contact Nat at


Be A Fun Mum (Kelly Burstow)


Kelly is a fantastic mother to 4 beautiful children, and she lives in Brisbane with her whole family. Kelly believes that being a fun mum is as important as being a loving, caring, and understanding one. She doesn’t like to be stuck on one end of a spectrum and prefers trying out as much as she can.

Why she made the list: Being fun is immensely important, especially if you want to keep your kids happy and engaged. After all, kids love to have fun so you should know how to do it with them, too.


Check out Kelly’s Website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, & LinkedIn

Contact Kelly at


The Bub Hub (Hilary & Brad Lauder)


Brad and Hilary Lauder had their first child back in 2001. Hilary was a recent migrant to Australia from the UK, and she had a hard time finding local parenting services. So she and Brad decided to launch the Bub Hub website.

The Bub Hub is one of the most prominent parenting sites in Australia today, giving much-needed parenting information as well as answering the questions of many parents who have worries regarding pregnancy and parenting.

Why they made the list: The Bub Hub has been helping Aussie parents for almost two decades, and they’re continually doing so.


Check out The Bub Hub’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

Go to The Bub Hub’s Contact Page to email them.


Mum Central


Everything you need to know to take care of your children can be found here. From awesome tips on how to stay sane to helpful hacks on how to eat clean, Mum Central has it available for every mummy who wants to learn more.

Why they made the list: Being a mummy is worrisome (especially if it's your first time). Having a centralised place where you can get everything you need to learn is fantastic.


Check out Mum Central’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest

Go to Mum Central’s Contact Page to email them.


Maxabella Loves


Maxabella is Bron's pseudonym in the parenting blogosphere. She started blogging as a way to tell stories and take photos of her children to show how proud she is of them. Now she gets to both tell people about her kids and earn money from it.

Why she made the list: Going over to her blog will take you through a beautiful journey of parenthood. You will see her three children grow up before your very eyes and feel as if you know them personally through Bron's fascinating stories.


Check out Bron’s Website, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest

Contact Bron at


Jessica Smith


Jessica Smith isn’t just a mother. She’s a former Paralympian swimmer, a well-known speaker, an author, and an inspiration. She is also an advocate of mental health having experienced depression and an eating disorder as a young adult.

She has been the recipient of many awards, but her greatest joy is becoming a mother. She is now planning to launch a series of books that will showcase children's differences and celebrate self-confidence.

Why she made the list: Aside from being an inspiration in her own right, Jessica’s idea to teach children that being different at an early age is great and revolutionary! It can help make being different a norm when these kids grow up and change how a whole generation thinks.


Check out Jessica’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

Contact Jessica at


Parenting Ideas Blog


Parenting Ideas is a trusted social platform that provides parenting education and support to those who need and want it. Their main mission is to aid people in raising happy and confident kids. They invite experts and educators to the parents who want to learn more about better parenting techniques.

Why they made the list: Parenting Ideas provides a bridge between real-life experts in child development and eager parents. These experts come from reputable and professional backgrounds, so you know that they studied what they're spouting.


Check out Parenting Ideas’ Website & Facebook

Contact Parenting Ideas at or


Life Love and Hiccups


Sonia is a proud mum to three awesome boys: Kai, Sammy, and Flynn. She is also the nagging (her words!) wife of Carl. Together, they live in the Northern Beaches. Sonia balances her life between being a mum, a wife, blogging, as well as managing her Social Media and Brand Development business.

Sonia’s blog is cluttered yet heartfelt. Like she what she says in her motto ‘Whatever goes’ her blog is full of quirky family stories, beautiful makeovers, and just plain ol’ life.

Why she made the list: Having a themed blog is all good and well. So is promoting a cause. But sometimes reading about someone's every day still makes for a good time.


Check out Sonia’s Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram

Contact Sonia at


Practical Parenting Magazine


Practical parenting doesn’t dilly-dally. If you need to shop for the most-needed things regarding taking care of your kids, this is the source you need to go to. They have real product reviews and will tell which of the latest products are worth buying.

They also have a place for your own voice. Practical parenting has a platform available for parents who want advice and who want to debate on relevant parenting issues of today.

Why they made the list: There's nothing like a straightforward source to go to when you want to get a quick opinion.


Check out Practical Parenting’s Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest

Go to Practical Parenting’s Contact Page to email them.


Kid Bucket List


Leah and T were avid travellers well before they had their kids. But when Striker and Sunshine arrived, they also wanted them to experience all that they did when they were kids. And thus, the Kid Bucket List was born. As a supplement to their very own goal, the family decided to record their adventures as each item is checked off on their list.


Why they made the list:  It's true that their kids would not necessarily experience a lot of what their parents experienced in their youth. Learning more ways to give them more real-life experiences is an excellent project to do.


Check out Leah’s Website & Facebook

Contact Leah at


The Modern Parent (Martine Oglethorpe)


Martine is a loving mother to 5 beautiful boys and to a beloved daughter (who sadly passed away). She has a background in education and has completed her Master's degree in Counselling. She uses her blog as a way to help children and families in the different aspects of parenting and life.


Why she made the list: Grief is a real thing, and even the youngest of children can feel it. Martine knows what she's saying because she experienced it herself.


Check out Martine’s Website, Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest

Contact Martine at


Bargain Mums (Jasmine Boothey)


Budgeting for your family can be tiresome and confusing, especially with prices fluctuating now and then. Budget Mums is the brainchild of Jasmine, an Adelaide-based mother of one. It helps families all over Australia budget their everyday expenses and alerts them on special discounts and promos in various stores.

Why they made the list: Saving even a penny can help you and your family in the long run, and having a platform that alerts you to better budgeting alternatives is an excellent tool to have.


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Finlee & Me (Angela Henderson)


Finlee + Me was founded back in 2010 by Angela when she had her first child, Finlee. She felt that the market was oversaturated with toys that were not made of good quality material.

So she started an online shop that sells educational toys and baby products that are not made of plastic. Not only are they safe and beneficial to your baby’s development, but they’re also safe for the environment.

Why she made the list: Kids love toys, and most children have lots of them. Creating safer and more eco-friendly toys with better quality benefits everyone in the long run.


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The Healthy Mummy


Rhian is the CEO and founder of The Healthy Mummy, a blog about parenting and weight loss. She is also the loving mum to two brilliant boys.

The Healthy Mummy provides women with safe and healthy eating and fitness plans designed to help them shape up after birth.

Why she made the list: Most women feel self-conscious during the last stages of pregnancy and well into after giving birth. Having a safe and healthy program to help feel better about themselves is a great idea!


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My Bored Toddler


Carol is a mummy to two energetic toddlers who love to do anything and everything. So she spends most of her time looking for fun activities for them to do. Her blog allows other parents to learn about new, simple, and engaging activities that will keep their children happy and satisfied throughout the day.

Why she made the list: Toddlers have lots of energy to burn and giving new and exciting activities can help better their development instead of sticking to a plain pattern of games.


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Bilingual Kidspot (Chontelle Bonfiglio)


Chontelle herself is Australian-Italian and she grew up knowing to speak only English. That's why she grew up not knowing how to communicate with some of her family effectively. She herself knows the hardships of learning a new language as an adult. So she's sharing all she knows to help teach kids to be bilingual.

Why she made the list: Learning a new language as a child is easier than if you learn it in your later life. Chontelle helps parents all over the world by providing her own tips and experiences regarding being bilingual and raising bilingual kids.


Having kids is a hard job, and it only gets harder from here. But that’s okay! It’s also the most fulfilling job you’ll ever get, after all. And these people above show that even if it gets tough, you can get through it.

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